Skip The Beach Vacation And Go For A Wooden Pod Retreat In France Instead.

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No, this isn't a shuttle craft from the popular "Star Trek" series.

Imagine living in a home that will have everyone screaming, "The Martians have landed!!!" This wooden pod is breathtakingly magnificent both on the outside and even more so on the inside. The pod is the ultimate retreat for anyone who would like to commune with nature. It's also the perfect getaway when you're trying to escape the world. In this barrel-shaped retreat, which looks like a cross between a cockpit and the inside of a blimp, you'll get to relax, bird watch, and recharge your batteries before heading out to face the world again. Now wouldn't you just love to make this your home?

It's called Mr. Plocq's Caballon and was inspired by Emile Plocq, a bird charmer, which is exactly what you can do if you're privileged enough to stay a few nights in such a beautiful retreat.

Corentin Schieb