‘100 Years Of Workout Clothes’ Video Reveals Why Grandma NEVER Went To The Gym.

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For many of us, dressing for the gym doesn't require much thought: Pull on a pair of running tights and t-shirt, lace up your sneakers, and go. But then again, there are plenty of people who care more about what they're wearing at the gym than getting their heart rates up -- and as it turns out, looking fly and trendy while exercising has been of the utmost importance for over a century.

The video below takes a look back at 100 years of gym and exercise fashion trends (as well as workouts from the past), giving us a taste of what fitness looked like in the 1900s, all the way to today. From exercise dresses to sweatbands to high-waisted unitards, fitness fashion has changed a lot over the years. Check out the video below to see which decade had people exercising in bloomers.


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