15 Heartwarming Photos To Remind You Of The Good People In The World.

A woman was in distress because her dog fell in the water and it was seconds away from drowning.

The news is filled with so much negativity that you often start wondering if there’s any good left in this world. And who could blame you? But it turns out that there is a positive side to things that balance out the darkness. So, in honor of World Kindness Day, which was November 13, 2018, we’re sharing some amazing photos that will completely restore your faith in humanity. The folks in these images have performed some selfless acts that are bound to warm your heart. It’s nice to know that there are genuinely good people out there. It’s oh-so-inspiring, and it truly sheds a light during an otherwise dark time.

Then, a kind man jumped in the water, rescued the dog, and returned it to its extremely grateful owner.