A Look At Some Of The World's Ugliest Homes.

Whoever designed the homes on the left and right must have had a serious craving for Swiss cheese.

Architecture and beauty go together like hands and gloves; at least you’d like to think so. Why would anyone waste their time building a house that’s super ugly? But Belgian builders don’t seem to think that way and that’s probably a good thing for Hannes Coudenys. A few years ago, the blogger started noticing that some of the houses in the area were total eyesores. So, in 2012, he started documenting these hideous monstrosities people called home on his Instagram account. So, we collected some of the best of the worst and trust us, they’re really bad!

The entire neighborhood must dislike this house for the simple fact that it makes them hungry for a cheese platter. We’ll bet it has all the mice and rats in the village confused too. It looks like cheese but it doesn’t smell or taste like cheese. What a letdown!