20 Captivating Photos Of Worn Out Objects.

These are the footprints of monk Hua Chi who made quite an impression at his monastery.

Time is like a predator that stalks its prey. Most people have or will experience the ravages of time. It can be slowed down, but sadly it can’t be stopped. Ironically, people aren’t the only victims. As it turns out, inanimate objects like floors, poles, and teddy bears will also wear down over time. Sometimes it takes a couple of months. In other cases, it can take decades, but everything will come to pass eventually. And it’s shocking to see just how badly time affects all of these objects. So, take a gander at these captivating photos. They’re truly unbelievable!

The monastery near Tongren in Qinghai province will always remember how dedicated Hua Chi was to his daily prayers. For almost 20 years, he prayed in the same spot, which left his footprints on the wooden floor.