These REAL X-Rays Will Change The Way You Look At Your Own Body.

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Boxing gloves provide no real protection in a fight.

For decades, X-radiation has allowed doctors and scientists to see ailments in the body. Whether it’s finding where the exact break of a bone is or finding an illness such as cancer, this technology has been life-changing.

Hugh Turvey uses this technology to scan the body and turning it into works of art. The Brit describes his medium as “xogram,” a marriage of photography and x-ray where he often gives his images colour to enhance the experience.

The artist-in-residence at the British Institute of Radiology admits he sees the world different from everyone else. “I view most of the world around me in terms of how I imagine it is internally and how it would look if we were to try and x-ray it,” explains Turvey.

Hugh Turvey