15 DIY Christmas Snacks And Treats That Are The Perfect Last-Minute Gifts.


When you want to give a gift that makes people go "ooh" and "ahh," make them edible snowman cake pops.

Most people give out gifts without really knowing the person they're giving it to. But if you really care about someone, then making a handmade gift this holiday season is the right way to go. But to avoid making something that's kind of useless, try making one of these gifts that are actually quite delicious, creative, and useful. That's right! When it comes to snacks, you'll always win whether you're giving it to your kids, a relative, a co-worker, or even your next-door neighbor. Some of these DIY Christmas snacks and treats will be a real life saver, particularly if you need a last-minute gift. There are even a few DIY ideas for those of you who don't like cooking.

You basically crumble and mix vanilla or buttercream cake with frosting into balls, and jam a lollipop stick into it to keep them in place. Then dip those snowmen into melted white chocolate, add some pretzels for the arms, and use edible ink and chocolate covered sunflowers seeds and you're done!

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