Elephant Brought Her Baby To Meet The People Who Saved Her Life.

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From the time that Yatta was just one-month-old, she was hand-reared by human caretakers, while living with other orphaned elephants.

This world is full of exceptionally beautiful creatures, and while we should be appreciating them, there are people out there who choose to hunt and destroy them for pleasure and monetary gain. Fortunately, there are people out there who go to great lengths to protect these animals. This elephant was orphaned by poachers at a very young age, and as she grew up, she returned to those that took care of her to show her appreciation.

Yatta lived at the sanctuary for several years until she was eventually integrated into a herd of adult ex-orphans that were living in the wild. Now, Yatta, who lived in the wild for eight years, has returned to the sanctuary she once called home.


To make a visit once in a while, Yatta showed up for a very special occasion.

Like any proud mama, Yatta wanted to show off her new baby to the people who saved her life and took care of her until she could take care of herself. “She’s a proud momma. And in a show of absolute trust and affection, she brought her newest baby back to meet the people who saved her,” said one of Yatta’s former caretakers.

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While it’s common for elephants to do this, it’s an amazing experience for the caretakers every time it happens.

"We have not only saved an orphan baby and raised her, but she has successfully returned to the wild and started her own family. For elephants, family is everything — so it's no surprise that they choose to share their new family member with their former human carers, for they are part of their family," said Rob Brandford, a caretaker at the sanctuary.

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Yatta not only brought her brand new son with her for the visit, but she also brought her first-born, Yetu.

“Imagine our delight when she chose to share her second birth with us, returning to her former stockades and her human family, so that we could be a part of celebrating the arrival of her new baby — a healthy little boy,” said one of the caretakers.

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Fortunately, Yatta wasn’t the only orphaned elephant to return to her caretakers to show off her young.

Two of Yatta’s adopted “sisters” had also given birth to calves that month, bringing the total count of wild-born babies to 28! “We are delighted to witness the ex-orphan herds beginning to expand so naturally. There could be no greater gift for us, or testament to the success of the Orphans Project, than to share the joy of such perfectly healthy baby elephants like our three ‘October kids,’” said a caretaker.

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