These 32 Animals Will Teach You How To Do Yoga… #22 Will Make You Feel Better.


Hobbies: Yoga and dreaming. Mostly dreaming.

According to the Yoga Health Foundation, some of the top reasons to practice yoga include stress relief, pain relief, better breathing, flexibility, and increased strength. If you've completed a session before, you might have noticed that it's a lot easier to focus on the present and rediscover a sense of inner peace.

With plenty of discipline, you'll find your body changing for the better. But no matter how hard you try, you'll never look as good as the yoga pets below. They've mastered the most common yoga poses, including Downward Facing Dog and Double Leg Stretch, and have even made up their own. Don't worry. You can always look to them for inspiration.

Scroll below to start learning from the best (please note: results may differ).

imgur / Jamotron

This adorable dog took up yoga at age 17.

imgur / jake0alexander

"I woke up like this."

imgur / LovesexsecretGod

Talk about flexi-ball.

imgur / bbrll

Now, that's one furry yoga instructor!


Private yoga/cuddle session.

imgur / theholydoorknob

Using the wall for support, I see.

imgur / thmind


imgur / JessicaTracy

Feels. So. Good.

imgur / pennycanrules

What a pro.

reddit / glatts

Whoa, there. This kitty doesn't even need a trainer.

imgur / robingg14

Work those buns.

imgur / sogloriousithurts

The happiest little yoga kitty you'll ever see.

imgur / Cassiuz

Perfecting his chaturanga.


Yoga and gardening at the same time? Done.

imgur / Droolizter

What a core blaster!

imgur / CleverElephant

Check out that focus.

imgur / MyLastNameIsHo

Psh, this cat invented yoga.

imgur / ejay150

"You should've fed me first, human!"

imgur / ShelobTheGreat

Yoga with a view.

imgur / mibs8642

No humans needed (like that's a surprise).

imgur / uddhav17

These superstars were doing yoga on a paddleboard!

imgur / dnorth2

Gotta start somewhere.


Clearly the best student in the class.

imgur / Rookvlees

This man doesn't need anything or anyone else.

imgur / rahulm35

Look at those paws.

imgur / Cr4yol4

This dog is super happy to move into a new home.

imgur / WiserDucksLivesLonger

This rescue needed some tender loving care when his owner first found him, and now he's a full on yoga master!


What a show off!

imgur / herpderpanda

Harley doing his daily stretches...

imgur / transientviking

Getting ready to fold back into a rest position.

I've never seen this move before.

imgur / tomockakillingbird