This Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes. Who He Met In ‘Heaven’… I’ve Got Chills.

Zack Clements is a teen who was looking forward to turning 17 years old on May 5th.

Doctors can chronicle in great detail what happens to the human body when a person dies. But no one can say with certainty what happens to the person’s soul when the heart stops beating. Scientists tend to shy away from this topic because it’s hard to prove where the soul and essence of a person lies within the body, let alone if it really exists in the first place.

Yet, time and time again, people from different faiths and cultural backgrounds speak on these things in a spiritual sense. Those who have experienced near-death experiences often describe seeing a white light or tunnel. These individuals also describe a feeling of peace and calm and a desire to approach that light.

The closest we will get to understanding something so complicated and abstract as the soul or what happens to our spiritual being when we pass on is to hear the personal stories from people. Those who have come very close to the other side but made their way back to the world of the living.

Zack who lives in Brownwood, Texas, is a regular teen who is part of his high school's football team and loves to play video games.