This Eccentric Greyhound Has A Peculiar Tongue… And She Just Won The Internet.

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However, Zappa the Italian greyhound is using her condition to her advantage.

For most of us, losing all but two of our teeth due to a dental issue would be a grave and serious outcome, most likely resulting in a lot of close-mouthed smiles and perhaps even a set of dentures.

Zappa lost all her teeth a few years ago, after suffering from dental problems that are common for her breed.

After she lost her teeth, her owners said that her tongue started flopping out of the side of her mouth.

Despite her "condition," Zappa is still able to eat like a normal dog and lives an awesome life in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Her owners, sisters Sadie And Rosalie Millen, say that their "parents got Zappa in Milwaukee when she was a puppy. Her parents and siblings were show dogs but she did not meet show dog standards. ‘Zappa's quirks and unconventional beauty make her even more special to us."

Her appearance has made her more special to the Internet as well - images of Zappa have been seen thousands of times.

Zappa's charm isn't all about her tongue, though. She is into fashion as well.

" She has an impressive wardrobe that helps her stay warm and stylish all year long," said Sadie.

Despite her differences, Zappa enjoys the spoils of life that all dogs do, and in great company: She also lives with two other dogs, a standard poodle named Bazinga and a shih poo named Dylan, as well as four hairless guinea pigs, Peanut, Pickles, Pepper, and Pipsqueak.


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